Your Punchpass Account Help!

Your Punchpass Account Help!

Frequently Asked Questions About Accounts…

Follow the steps to create an account?

  1. Go to this page to Create Account2. Fill in the requested information:  

This message will appear:

This message will arrive in your e-mail:

Your account will look like this:

Within your account you will find:


Account Information, Expired & Full Passes, Classes Attended.

Schedule – List     or    Calendar

Will show the calendar in either List or Calendar format.  Choose the one you like.


I don’t see the correct information in my account!

Your account with Montana Om Yoga Studio might be set up with a different email address than the one you used to create this account. Please use the contact information to let them know.

Can I Reserve Spots in Multiple Classes At Once?

Right now you can only make one reservation at a time – though we’ve made it as simple as a couple of clicks.

Is there a difference between the two schedules?

Nope – some people just prefer the calendar vs the list. Use whichever you want!

Is there an App I can download?

Yes! Currently on IOS, working on an Android version. Visit the app store and search for ‘Punchpass.’ On Android you can bookmark this site on your phone to make it easy to get back to. Here are instructions on how to bookmark. (We recommend logging in and checking the ‘Remember Me’ option first – then bookmark your home account page.)

Who Is Punchpass? Is my information secure?

Punchpass creates the software Montana Om Yoga Studio uses to run their business. We’re used by hundreds of companies in 50+ countries around the world. Your information is completely secure is not used by Punchpass in any way.

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