July 2018 Montana Mountains

I am grateful to Bonnie M., Jil  & Robert for teaching my classes while we enjoyed some time unplugged in the mountains of Montana.

We started near Helena where we saw this historic site of the first Masonic Lodge meeting in Montana over a hundred years ago.  It was on a mountain top in a meadow filled with beautiful wildflowers

After that we spent a bit of time with the grand ones.  We took Sarah camping and Thomas horseback riding.

Then we headed for the Pioneer Mountains in the Wise River area.  We camped at Lake Tahepia and climbed to the top of the pass overlooking Browns Lake.  A lingering snow drift the size of a small house prevented us from going any further.  The views were spectacular.

We camped in Jacobsen Meadows where Mono Creek lazily wound its way through providing a winter range for the local Elk herds come fall.

Next was Blodgett Canyon near Hamilton.  Absolutely breathtaking views from the very first step on the trail.

May your summer be filled with moments that take your breath away,