Ireland Inspiration and Video 2019

Excerpt from May 2019 Montana Om Newsletter

Good Morning,

May in Montana. Time to welcome the long days of light and the warmth of the sunshine back into our lives.  Time to welcome home our friends who have returned to share the summer with us.  Yogis, birds and flowers alike.  It is truly a time of gratitude.

Many of you know that this Spring has been particularly interesting for me on a personal level.  I have asked more teachers to sub my regular classes than ever before.  I am grateful to each of you who either taught or attended in my absence.   Friendship indeed. Thank you.

I traveled to Ireland last April with 4 longtime friends. Instead of being a bucket list wish of things we thought we may not have the time to do, we went in celebration of freedom from cancer.  Jamie is now 6 months on this side of her clear PET scans and Arleen is 4 years out from her second time thru cancer.  I am humbled and grateful.  Humbled by their grace and grateful for my own health.  Humbled by the human body’s ability to handle adversity and grateful for their friendship.  We are all truly amazing beings.

Back to Ireland….. we saw some beautiful and breathtaking sights and we met lots of wonderful people.  Many celebrated with us in the joy of freedom from cancer.  Some shared their own stories of their dance with cancer.  And there were those who recognized the power of FRIENDSHIPS.  It’s magical power to heal and to carry us through the “dark nights of the soul.”

We were inspired along the way by an Irish toast my daughter gave.

“There are wood ships and there are good ships,
and ships that sail the seas.
But the best ships are Friendships
and may they always be.”
Curious about our trip?……  Please pull up a chair, pour a cup of your favorite beverage and share the journey thru this 15-minute video I created of our time in Ireland.
I learned a new term in Ireland, well actually it is old and in the Gaelic language.  Slán go fóill  a “soft” goodbye, it means bye for now and may the road rise up to meet you.

Until our paths cross once more.
Slán go fóill,