Things I wish I knew before my first class.

The toughest challenge you will face with your yoga practice is the first step that brings you to class.   You are invited to begin exploration of this ancient practice in a safe and supportive environment.    It is my wish to provide an opportunity in which you can grow your own unique practice under the careful guidance of a teacher.

Things I wish I knew for my first class:


  • Wear clothes you can move in, yoga pants or stretchy pant and layers on top.  Make the closest layer to you snug so the shirt stays put when you practice folding forward.
  • Wear layers, students tend to get warm as they move and then cool down during Savasana. (the last pose of the practice, total relaxation)
  • Bring your own mat if you have one, but don’t go out and get one, I have plenty you can use.  I also provide blankets, blocks and belts.
  • Most students end up barefoot in class. No fancy shoes required.
  • Please plan to arrive a few minutes early before your first class in order to get acquainted and to fill out the bit of paperwork I have for you.
    Print a copy to bring with you: Student Information (printable form).
  • Lastly, my class may not be perfect for you, I ask that you not give up after your first one.  Please talk to me and let me know your concerns.  Perhaps I am not the teacher for you, don’t give up on yoga, keep looking for the class and teacher that IS for you.  We are fortunate to have more than one teacher in our community.
    • Debra Sykes, 406-887-2050,
      Teaches at YogaHeart Montana on Main Street, contact her for details.
    • Kristin Hertz, 406-270-3288,


  • You do not have to be flexible or know how to do yoga to begin.
  • Yoga is not a competition.
  • Yoga is accessible for any body, of any size, of any age,  of any demographic, of any…. well you name it…(I have a long list)….
  • Yoga is something I wish I had started long ago.  And I learned not to get caught up in that thought, when the time is right we begin…….not a moment sooner.
  • That I went to my first class for one reason and kept coming back for another.

Please contact me with any questions you may have regarding attending yoga class.